I Cast Pod!

I Cast Pod!

Mike Rickard

Welcome to I Cast Pod! A new D&D discussion show that aims to help you bring flavour to your roleplaying sessions with news, as well as tips and advice on how to be a better role-player or DM; how to add flavour to your characters; collaborate with your party, and ensure everyone at the table has fun.I'm looking to publish a new 30-45 minute show every couple of weeks, so it will fit perfectly into a commute, lunch break, or a quick listen. So if you're a seasoned campaign veteran or someone who's looking into playing for the first time, there will be something for everyone.Questions and feedback are welcome - You can connect with us on: Instagram - https://instagram.com/icastpodTwitter - https://twitter.com/icastpodOr email - [email protected].

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