Six String Buddha

Six String Buddha

Joseph Carletta

The Six String Buddha podcast was created with the intent to share the wisdom of Buddhism and Eastern thought, from the viewpoint of a musician and music lover, for anyone curious to better understand the meaning behind the Dharma. The concepts are interpreted and presented using examples from music, art and personal experiences.

Delivered through dialogue, interviews and discussions on the parallels between buddhist principles and lyrics of well known songs, Six String Buddha offers a unique and fresh perspective on a subject that’s often misunderstood, and explains it in simple terms, to leave the listener with a sense of how to use the concepts in their own life and live more mindfully.

The Six String Buddha podcast is hosted by Joseph Carletta. Musician, Buddhist, Father and ordinary human being…

“My mission is to share the powerful and transformative wisdom of Buddhism, through the sincerity of open dialogue, personal experience and the art of music. By doing so, I hope to inspire others to seek their own path toward self-awareness, compassion and gratitude. When more people awaken to the truth that all human life has value and purpose, I believe we can build bridges, rather than walls and usher in the next era of humanity. A peaceful future isn’t inconceivable, but it lies in our ability and commitment to finally put aside our differences and instead, embrace our similarities…”

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