Raising Kids, Naturally

Raising Kids, Naturally

EcoParent Inc.

One of the greatest impacts on a person’s lifelong wellbeing is how their health is nurtured during childhood. At our kids’ most malleable time of life, the choices we make as parents influence how their bodies and brains grow and function for the rest of their lives. The habits and attitudes they develop in turn affect not only them, but also have implications for the health of their communities and the planet as a whole.

Just as a tree is most resilient in its natural setting, surrounded by ideal amounts of light, water, healthy soil, and in relationship with other plants and animals, our kids are healthiest when our parenting is as closely aligned with nature as possible. Sometimes that can be tricky. It can feel like we’re rowing against a cultural current of messages that cause us to question our intuition. In a world that prioritizes many things other than good health, we hope this podcast will be a salve that helps you remember that how you raise your kids will have the biggest impact on their health and the health of the rest of the planet.

With honesty, humour and compassion, Dr. Leslie Solomonian, a naturopathic doctor, will help you explore how your kids' health and wellbeing reciprocally intersect with the health of their communities and the planet, and offer practical strategies to optimize both.

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